Video Production 

Speaking in a format that is popular, accessible and shareable for all audience groups, leads quickly to video. 

Our team is accustomed to translating clients’ needs into technical requirements for audio visual and production technicians. 

We not only produce engaging videos but our videos have an added magic. We turn them into interactive experiences. We engage viewers with interactive ways that inform and educate them to inspire action. 

Our video production magic approach is as easy as 1,2,3..


This approach can be used for a variety of digital content:  infographics, podcasts and all investments in content creation to ensure they are on message, approved and accurate. 

Video magic approach:

  1. Pre-production: Concept development, script writing, storyboarding, project planning, consulting. 

  2. Production: Cinematography, videography and stills photography. 

  3. Post-production: Video editing, motion graphics, voice-over, audio mixing, colour grading, captioning and delivery.