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What's all the fuss about live streaming?

Women laying by poolside watching a live stream

Wondering if you should be using live streaming for your business? The short answer is YES!

Whether you're growing a small business, building your personal brand or a CEO of a large organisation or Government department, live video streaming provides an opportunity for you to interact with your target audience in a more immediate and authentic way.

It’s one of our favourite communication tactics for gaining trust, engaging with stakeholders and communities and raising awareness for change management - just to name a few.

Whether you're hosting a live Q&A, or teaching a class, livestreaming helps you reach and interact with viewers in real time. Live streaming is a fantastic tool you can be using right now in your business. We’ve done all of the hard work for you and have outlined what exactly live streaming is and how this tool can help your business.

Technically, live streaming is a video streaming tool that enables you to stream high-quality video and audio over the internet. From a communication prospective, this is gold. Enabling you to create a sense of urgency and share interactive content with thousands of participants, anywhere in the world. From small business to large corporations, live streaming is the perfect way for organisations to share information and truly connect on an emotional level with a wide audience, globally.

Live streaming is a cost-effective way to tighten the business to customer bond and increase engagement that may help you to achieve business goals. As business transparency is a growing concern among staff and stakeholders, another excellent way to use live streaming for your business is corporate communications, this could be a simple message to communicate business information either internally or externally. Live streaming is an excellent tool that you can integrate into your business today.

Live streaming for educational purposes can be beneficial for your viewers and your business. It enables them to learn something new, and for your business, it helps to secure your place as an authority in the field. By sharing useful knowledge, you offer something of value. The live stream simply acts as a vehicle for showcasing your expertise.

Another training benefit example is employee training. Training and workshops are faster, easier and more cost-effective when done through live streaming. This also allows you to include employees from anywhere in the world at the same time, without the costs of travel and accommodation.

Video live streaming is essentially the act of transmitting live footage over the Internet to an active audience.

“For the first time, small businesses can really experiment with video as a means of communication”, says Tom More, Founder and CEO of the creative multimedia platform, Slidely.

*Slidely is visually connecting people and business through creating, sharing and discovering video and photo collections in beautiful and unique ways.

When done right, it can take your audience from passively engaging with your content to actively partaking in it.

As with all communication, you must start with a strategy or have a roadmap in place which helps create a smooth live streamed event. We recommend brainstorming beforehand. Think about, what is your objective, what is the strategy and how through live streaming are you going to get the message across? How will you promote your event? While planning is important, the beauty of live video is that it can be casual and personable, however the key to success is to get a balance of structure through pre-planning and the beauty of spontaneity through a casual presentation. From the target audience’s perspective, it should seem unrehearsed and casual, however from the organisation’s perspective, you must plan, strategise, rehearse and understand exactly what the message is that you are trying to convey.

Live streaming can be a very effective tool for your business as a successful live streaming video has the potential to reach well outside and beyond your network. Like all branding and marketing tools, live streaming must be focused on building an emotional bond with potential customers and engaging in informative and entertaining video. The added bonus is that the live video can be turned into an on-demand video (think Netflix) that can live on your website (owned channels). Another added benefit is repurposing or breaking down the video content to create several pieces of content that can be used on your social channels. Now that’s a whole other blog topic in itself.

Live streaming are excellent communication tools that you can easily integrate and execute into your business communication strategy.

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