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How video can help with recruitment and the welcome process

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Women using mobile for a video interview

Using video to help with recruitment and the welcoming new staff into an organisation is becoming an extremely useful tool for business. There are many different ways to use video to help with the recruitment process and then as part of the welcome process also. Skew Communications have outlined how video can help with the recruitment and welcome process for all organisations.

A great idea to integrate video is to create a video that outlines the job description as you can use video to communicate exactly what you are looking for. This way the potential candidates can assess whether they are a good fit for the position and would be work well with your organisation. These types of videos resonate with candidates, compelling them to apply if they feel it is a great fit. “We use video throughout our website and social media channels to advertise different roles we have going at air events global, as it gives us the opportunity to showcase our company culture, provide current testimonials, give a greater depth of the day-to-day responsibilities and expectations and communicate a genuine representation of air events global”. Victoria Garlick, Founder and CEO of air events global.

Another great tip for how video can help with the recruitment process from Skew Communications is to interview long-distance candidates through video. Tools such as Skype, Face Time and Google Hangouts make the long distance interview very easy and economical. “When we don’t have a lot of time we will ask candidates to answer a list of pre-determined questions via a recorded video and send this through to us. This enables us to review the candidate and their answers in our own time and we can showcase this to other team members that are part of the hiring process”. Victoria Garlick, Founder and CEO of air events global.

Video is such a versatile tool for the recruitment process and sharing videos through social media channels such as Facebook, YouTube and Twitter will widen your reach also, as you can encourage viewers to share with their network across multiple networks. For example, someone might view your video and not feel that they are the right person for the job, however share it to their own network and this could connect you with the perfect candidate (someone that you might not have been able to previously reach).

Not only can video be used to help with recruitment, it is an excellent tool to use to welcome new staff members. There are many ways to integrate video to the welcome package, from a personal video message from the CEO and/or Executive Team, a virtual tour of the office and specifically the new recruits office space, right through to training videos and video resources them help the new recruit understand more about the company.

More and more companies are integrating video into their communication strategy to tell compelling stories and Skew Communications can show you how to do this specifically for your organisation. To read more about what we do and more helpful blogs, visit us at or email: for further information.