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Ways brands are putting their customers first with user-generated content

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Brands are always searching for new and innovative ways to share content and reach their target audience. Along with consumers being bombarded with messages every day and with how easy it is to unfollow a brand, website or social media page; it is time to put customers first through user-generated content. User-generated content in its’ simplest form is content that encourages users to share their experiences with a brand/business or program which is then shared with other users. We have outlined ways that brands are putting their customers first with user-generated content and show you how easy it is for you to be one of those customer-centric brands too.

The end result of user-generated content is to lead to connection and higher engagement with your target audiences. Social media campaigns including user-generated content see 50% higher engagement and email campaigns see 73% higher click through rates.

Amazon is one brand that is winning when it comes to putting their customers first with user-generated content. Reviews are an excellent way to integrated user-generated content into your communications strategy and are essential to building a brand’s online reputation. Amazon is extremely customer-centric and they make the review process very easy; once you purchase from their site, you receive an email asking you to rate the product from 1-5 stars, with the opportunity to leave a review if you would like. Amazon’s reviews also play a vital role in filtering search results on the site, allowing a user to view only products that have a certain rating, for example 5 stars. Therefore, they get valuable feedback from customers and allow them to be apart of other customer’s searches and Amazon experience. Using reviews as part of their user-generated content allows Amazon to share and re-post this content to help build their brand and community even further.

Another brand that is winning at putting their customers first with user-generated content is Calvin Klein. The strategy is to give their target market the opportunity to share how Calvin Klein plays a role in their lives through sharing photos wearing their products through the very famous #MyCalvins hashtag. The images shared on Instagram, Facebook and their website then are featured throughout the Calvin Klein digital presence. This is a very clever and strategic way to assimilate user-generated content into their overall marketing and communications strategy and campaigns.

Even though Amazon and Calvin Klein are big hitters, any brand, business or program can use user-generated content throughout their strategy and Skew Communications can help you build this into your next campaign. To read more about what we do and more helpful blogs, visit us at or email: or further information.