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3 reasons and tips why internal communication is more important than ever in 2018

Organisations spend large amounts of money and resources on their external relations and communications and often disregard their internal communications. Internal communication is a key business function and is a vital ingredient for a success workplace. The team @ Skew Communications has chosen our 3 top reasons and tips why internal communication is more important than ever in 2018.

1. Purpose

More than ever, employees want to know and understand their goals as a team and understand the map on how to achieve those goals collectively, in addition to being assured about the value of their input towards those plans. Employees want to feel valued, listened to and part of the organisation. Workplaces can share information about what a team/company has achieved and how the purpose they set out together to achieve was successful and this increases the feeling of teamwork and growth.

A performing internal communications system can motivate employees to work towards this common purpose as a common goal and make each person feel valued and most importantly, part of a team.

2. Engagement and Inspiration

Videos are a useful and powerful atool for amplifying messages within internal communication, as you can get a plethora of messages across to a large number of employees quickly. Video adds a visual interest to internal messages about all facets of the company, from new changes and initiatives, company news and events etc. Many organisations are using video as an engaging and inspiring way to share internal communications from CEO messages, new staff introductions, changes in policy, celebrating successes and mission and vision statements of the organisation, just to name a few.

3. Crisis Management

All companies go through different internal and external catastrophes and in order to thrive, a well functioning internal communications system helps keep everyone on track throughout this turbulent time. Timely and careful communication is the key to mastering an internal crisis.

In order to ensure that the crisis is managed effectively and quickly, effective communication channels need to be in place in order to reach employees. By having organisational systems, structure, plans and channels in place prior to a crisis, effective internal communication will allow organisations to handle these situations with time-critical communication.

Effective internal communication is a powerful force that helps enhance employee’s daily experience throughout the workplace and is vital for the success of all businesses in 2018 and moving forward.

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