Live Interactive Events

We view live interactive events as content, and our event philosophy focuses on building anticipation in the lead up, driving action and participation at the event and achieving widespread amplification post event.

Running a well curated live streamed, virtual event takes a lot more that just hitting the  'Go Live' button. To ensure a quality experience for your audience, you firstly need to invest in expertise and production quality and then add the engagement magic. Taking the time to nail your event delivery in an online format will help keep your attendees engaged and interested in your content.

Whether you're looking to stream a single piece to camera or a multi-day networking conference event or anything in between, we can help you. We focus on the attention to detail and moving your audience from passively engaging with your content to actively partaking in it.

We help you by making your events smarter. We connect your attendees to the right content, people and solutions – before, during and after your event. And when events are smarter, attendees & sponsors are happier.

We extend the conversation surrounding your event – anytime, anywhere and on any device. So you can get on with more important things and we’ll sort out the rest.

We take care of everything needed to run your events online. We can provide all the online tools, from event registration through to event interactive apps and online video – live and on demand, so you can enable your audience to participate anywhere, anytime.

We have experience delivering online events such as the Australian War Memorial’s live streamed Ink in the lines exhibition. Sometimes they are extensions of our channels like the time we hosted our own Communications event where communication specialists from Government departments attended to find out the latest trends in digital communications here in Canberra. Others are bespoke events for brands, as part of their wider communications strategy.

When it comes to online event management and planning, we understand you want to create memorable events that are of the highest standard, innovative and engaging.  We have achieved this for our clients and continue to do so. Our knowledge and experience in delivering online events ensures our clients are well looked after and part of the experience. And we operate on a business model of paranoia, so in the event that something can go wrong, and it does, a plan is in place for each and every worst-case scenario.