Hands-Free Access

Social distancing and limited interaction with  others is of high priority. We will aim for our all production shoots to be COVID-19 compliant. 

Sanitising  & Disinfecting

The frequency of cleaning at our event premises and equipment has been increased. Hand sanitising stations, complete with antibacterial soap for all guests and our team will be made available during every live streamed and production space.  We require all team members and guests to use these stations before and after entering the studio space.

All equipment including microphones, cameras and other high contact surfaces are being cleaned with disinfectant after every use.

Social Distancing

We are encouraging the maintenance of social distance.  For all productions we require production teams to follow the recommended Australian health standard distancing between crew, guests + talent to minimise exposure to the virus.  As these recommendations change we will be adjusting our social distancing protocols accordingly.


We are monitoring for any signs or symptoms of the virus and advising the team to stay at home should it be deemed necessary. To date, we are happy to let you know that we have 0 cases in our team and we remain vigilant during this period.

Cancellation Policy

We understand the need for flexibility during these uncertain times, however our fees have always been non-refundable due to demand.

Please contact our team for more information on our cancellation policy. In the event of a forced government close down, we will credit all our live streaming and production services and move them to a future date as required.